Hey guys, Justin at Glockner of Ashland here. Just wanted to show you guys this 2019 Charger R/T. Guys, this is the 2019 Charger R/T. This is the Blacktop Package, so you get the black wheels, the black spoiler on the back, R/T hood. Look at this thing. This thing's just mean. Very, very clean car, comes with your remote start. Let's lock it there. Thing's awesome. It's really nice white, black interior. Hear that rumble. Only get that from a hemi gas. 
If you go inside here, you've got your keyless entry. Opens up. Let's turn this radio down. You've got your XM satellite radio. You get one year free. You got all your controls up top here: miles per hour, tire pressure, 0 to 60. Really cool. You got your outlets and everything down here, all your heat and everything here. Also have that on your climate. Sunroof.
Really nice, guys. Look at this. You got your garage door openers, all these little pockets for your sunglasses, and your cup holders. Big storage container here in the middle, another 12 volt DC. These chairs are very comfortable. They kind of hug you in here. You've got the nice stereo system. 
Guys, this is just a really nice vehicle. Get out and give you one more look at it. 2019, lifetime power train warranty. Right now, with the 2019, you're actually, with incentives, you're saving $5,000 off of this vehicle right now. It was MSRP 40,000, you can get it just under 35 right now. 
If y'all have any more questions about this vehicle, just give me a call. My number's (740) 414-0685. Thanks. Hope to hear from you.
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