2020 Jeep Cherokee Quick Walk-Around in Ashland, KY

Hey, it's Kenny with Glockner of Ashland. I want to take a brief moment to make a video of a 2020 Jeep Cherokee. This Jeep Cherokee is actually a latitude trim level. It does have cloth seats, but it has heated seats and a heated steering wheel, with a seven inch touch screen backup camera. So I just want to take a few moments and do a brief walk around. So here we go.
All right. We'll start off on the inside. You have your power locks, power windows, Bluetooth with voice recognition, cruise control, seven inch touch screen, with Apple car play. It does have an LCD screen for your backup camera. Heated seats, heated steering wheel. And it does have select terrain for your four wheel drive system, which makes it really nice because if you leave it in auto, the car will only use the four wheel drive whenever it needs it.
Moving on to the outside, I picked the billet silver in color. One of the nice safety features about the Cherokee is the breakaway motor mounts. So if something were to happen and you were to hit something head on, the motor would break at a 45 degree angle and go underneath the car, instead of actually coming back in on the driver and passengers.
The back. You can see you do have your backup camera. This is one of the nice features about the Cherokee, just the overall cargo space. A little tip. A lot of people say, "Hey, what are those hooks for?" Those hooks are actually for grocery bags. A lot of people are worried about their bread or their eggs rolling around in the back. You can actually attach it to that, so that way it does not roll around and break or get smashed.
So if there's anything I can do to help, telephone number is (606) 744-3559. Have a great day.
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