?Hey, this is Ryan at Glockner. Back lot is usually where we get new inventory that comes off of our truck. Looks like we had a few trucks last night. 
Just want to go through some new stuff we've got. Some Durangos, we were currently sold out of those. This is a new Sting-Gray and an SXT. Gladiator, these things are awesome. Or Sting-Gray black top package. Oh, this is something that's nice. We haven't had a whole lot of these. 
This is a sport S, power locks, power windows. The lease on this is incredible. Got us a two-door. This is one thing that really caught my eye. This is a new color this year. It's nice. Believe it or not, this vehicle is less than $30,000. It's got the performance hood. 
Of course, another sport as well. 
And another Rubicon Gladiator, painted top. This thing's loaded out. Tan seats in there too. 
So yeah, if anything catches your eye, my number's listed above. Feel free to reach out anytime. Thank you. Bye.
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