New Exquisite 2020 Ram 1500 Big Horn/Lone Star Walk-Around in Ashland, KY

​Hey, this is Ryan at Glockner of Ashland. Got a little bit of a different truck in today. It's a Ram Big Horn. Now this is a Night Edition, something new on the 2020s, before you could just order these in black. Now you can get them in different colors. This one's white, and man is good looking truck. 
You got the front and rear sensors, upgraded LEDs. Now these match the wheels, emblems, everything just is flush. Inside it's a Level 2 Big Horn, so power seat, electronic parking brake. Now this one's got the heated seats, heated steering wheel, and remote start. 
Again, just a huge cab, 5'7" bed. This is just a sweet truck. Those are smoked out as well. Nice looking truck, dual exhaust and rear sensors. But yeah, I've got a link to it in the description of the video, and if you have any additional questions my number's listed above. Thanks for-
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