?Hey, this is Ryan from Glockner of Ashland, Kentucky. Just want to take a minute out of my day and go through one of our most popular vehicles. It's a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now this one is the Laredo package.
Extremely nice. Upgrade LEDs on there.
Now this particular one does have a push-button start. It's a keyless entry so all you have to do is touch the handle, it unlocks.
Now this one is packaged out with their lane detection. So it's got a little star in there, shows you that there's someone else in your blind spot.
Power seat. Does have touchscreen.
Just three miles on this one.
And these things have a ton of space at them. So back here you do have rear air. This rear seat does recline back so rear passengers can recline or move forward, and it's a fold-flat as well.
That's back there.
Just overall extremely clean vehicle.
It does have your backup camera and sensors.
So yeah, if you have any additional questions, the link to the vehicle is on there, and my number's listed above.
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