New 2020 Jeep Cherokee Altitude Brief Run-Around in Ashland, KY

​What's up guys. Justin at Glockner of Ashland here. Just going to do a brief run around of the 2020 Jeep Cherokee Altitude for ya. Let's get it flipped around here and check it out.
First things first. You can see this is an absolutely beautiful vehicle. This Hydro Blue is absolutely crazy looking. So you can see the clouds in there. It's such a pretty day out today. You got your LED lighting on the front. Obviously with the Altitude Package you have the all blacked out badges and everything, blacked out wheels. Got your keyless entry out here. Inside you have your black leather, heated seats, heated steering wheel, all your controls up here on the dash. You got your park sets for safety to make sure you don't hit anything.
Got your electronic emergency brake. Down here in the middle, if you guys can see that, you have your select terrain four wheel drive. I know it's not snowing or anything right now, but winter hasn't got here yet guys. I'm sure you saw there in the middle you got your Uconnect 8.4 inch screen that's got Apple CarPlay, Android Audio. You have Bluetooth on this obviously. Can listen to the music you want to listen to you.
Lots of room for everybody here. Big back seat. Lots of storage room here in the back. It's even got some plugs back here. If you need to plug something up. You got your all-weather mats in the back. Really nice vehicle. I'll put a link of this one in the description for you. Check it out. If you have any more questions on it or anything, get ahold of me. My phone number is (740)414-0685. Just call or text me anything and have a good day.
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