New 2020 Chrysler Voyager LX Walk-Around in Ashland, KY

​Hey, this is Ryan at Glockner of Ashland, Kentucky. Just wanted to go through a new vehicle at our lot. This is a Chrysler Voyager. It is your entry level Pacifica. Extremely nice front end there, alloy wheels. This particular model, it's got keyless entry. It's just extremely nice. We've got a heated seat, heated steering wheel, along with your remote start and XM Radio up there. Cupholders throughout it. Now this has the bucket seats on it. I like that a lot because you can skip through.
If you notice, it looks like the seats are gone back here. Of course, backup camera. That is a stow and go system in the rear. All you have to do, one, two, the seat goes away. I'll leave a link in the description to the vehicle. Heck of a price on it. If you do need anything, my number is listed above.
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