A1 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Brief Walk-Around in Ashland, KY

It's a beautiful day down here at Glockner of Ashland, Kentucky. Hi, my name is Ryan Evans, I'm a sales consultant here. Just wanting to go through one of our new Challengers, it's on special. I'll put the price in the description. Just a heck of a deal. Almost 38, $39,000 MSRP. Again, the price will be in the description on there with the link and it is all white, blacked out, blacked out wheels. This thing is sweet. Hemi.
Now this is equipped with the power truck remote start. Keyless entry, just touch the handle, it unlocks. Inside's extremely nice. These seats are bolstered on the side over here. Got your Blue Tooth group, back up camera, big touch screen up there as well. Grab the sticker on here. That's the MSRP, but again, like I said, the price is going to blow you away on this one. If you do have any questions on the vehicle, my number's listed above.
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