?Hey guys. So today I want to do a quick video. One of my favorite features that we have in the Chrysler products, specifically the Jeeps and the Rams, is the air lift suspension package. 
So you'll see if you have this package on your vehicle, you'll see this button here that has this times two and it goes down and you hit that twice. I don't know if you'd be able to see that in the video or not. It'll actually lower that truck for you. So it gets it right down. It has about a four inch lift once that airlift is fully engaged. 
So what that has, is it's got a heavy duty shock absorbers up in the front. It gives a five link suspension in the rear. So just pretty really cool feature, helps you maneuver pretty much anything you need and you also have a control on the inside. Going to show you real quick. I said it'd be a quick video. 
So you have the button here that'll actually lift it up or put it back down for you as well. So pretty neat feature if you're traveling in different terrains. So anyway, my tip for the day. 
Thanks guys. You have a great day. Call me. I'll show you this feature in person. (606) 465-9932.
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