?Hi, this is David Richardson, at Glockner of Ashland. I want to show you how to use the stow-n-go system here on the Chrysler Pacifica. 
Actually opened the door with the key fob. So, it's already pretty cool. You can you see the seats are up. The driver's seat, you need to move it up, the seat will store in the floor here. 
So there's a little button on the post here, just push it. Now, you see where I have the armrest up, you need to have those up to put it in the floor as well. There's a little handle here. Pull up on it. 
Now, you can see there on the back of the chair, you can see this stow-n-go handle, you need to pull on it, you have to keep it pulled and then just push the seat in the floor ... there and then push the driver's seat back to where it was. 
And you can do this for all the seats in the van. And you have yourself a cargo van as well as a wonderful family minivan. 
So, David Richardson, blogger of Ashland, give me a call. (304) 544-2208. Thank you.
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