?Good morning. Good morning. Hope everybody's having a wonderful Thursday morning. Just wanted to remind everybody of the 0% for 84 months. No payments for 90 days. Friends and family pricing on all new cars. Butler service. We'll bring the car to you. Lifetime powertrain warranty on all new cars. And the fastest and easiest sales process around here. I get told numerous times a day how easy we've made it so we stand behind it. I make sure everybody here believes in it. We want you to have a great experience. Get you on the road as fast as we can, whether it's in a store or at your house, we'll make it happen. 0% for 84 months.
Light duty Rams. We got one and a half rows of these trucks. A lot of traffic on them. We've worked many deals and it appears the zero for 84 is a huge savings on your monthly payment. Don't forget bi-monthly payments. Yes, it cuts your payment in half. 95% of our clients get paid twice a month, but also it reduces your term.
Don't forget about our Renegades. We have some few '19 renegades left. Got that one going this morning and we got an appointment on the other [inaudible 00:02:05] . So if you're in the market for a new or preowned vehicle, please let me know. Let any of my staff know. We'll give you a world class experience like you've never had before. Hope everybody has a wonderful rest of the day.
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