?Happy Thursday, guys. Kenny, with Glockner of Ashland. I wanted to take a few minutes to go over a beautiful Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited X. This is probably one of the hottest body styles I think Jeep has came out with. So you actually get a lot of the look of an SRT. But it's still very affordable.
So we'll get started. All right, guys. So here it is, this is the Grand Cherokee Limited X. As you can see, everything is a lot darker. There's not a lot of chrome or anything like that on it, which I truly personally like. It also comes with the sport hood. This one does have the sunroof, blind spot monitoring systems, remote start, power lift tailgate. Oh I'm sorry. I actually didn't push the button enough times. 
So, plenty of space in the back if you need to haul anything extra. Here's something you don't see all the time now, a full size spare. Because it's the small details that matter and I think Jeep knocked it completely out of the park on this one.
Keyless entry and go. Like I said, it does have the blind spot monitoring and it's your little triangles there. Memory seats. I mean, this interior, it's just classic, guys. I mean, the dark wood grain, absolutely gorgeous. 8.4 inch touchscreen. And with all of the incentives that have been announced, it's super easy to get a brand new car. 
So, 606-744-3559 and I look forward to talking to you guys.
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