Jeep owners are an unusually passionate bunch. Those lucky enough to own a Jeep often look for ways to give their vehicle a personal touch or to customize it to suit their lifestyle. Below are five Jeep add-ons and accessories that will not only make your Jeep that much more you, but take it to the next level.

1.      Bumpers

Many Jeep drivers consider it an especially wise idea to add a custom bumper to their Jeep. That's because a new bumper can help better satisfy your off-roading needs, offering a sturdier construction than the standard bumper that came with your Jeep. Check out some Jeep bumpers available online.


2.      Floor Mats

Whether you're off-roading or not, the dirt and grime from every season can get into your Jeep and soil your original mats. Purchase a set of rubber floor mats to help keep your Jeep clean. These can range from the functional to the stylish. Take a look at the floor mat selection offered by Jeep World.


3.      Grab Handles

Grab Handles are a great addition to help your further customize your Jeep, giving something to hold during especially rough off-roading. Attach these to the roll cage or pillar for easy access. The right set of sturdy grab handles allows you to safely enter and exit the vehicle and look darn cool while doing so. Check out Quadratec's selection of Jeep grab handles.


4.      Hood Latches

If you hear your hood shaking while driving, it might be time to purchase a new set of hood latches to help secure your hood. This isn't just a practical element, as hood latches can look great while adding a further element of safety. Check out the best reviewed Jeep hood latches.


5.      LED Lights/Light Bar

Consider looking into getting new LED headlights, as well as a light bar. This addition can help give you more visibility through tough weather conditions, as well as increase visibility while off-roading. They can also add another layer of personality to your Jeep, making an already handsome vehicle one that's especially impressive to look at. Amazon has a wide variety of LED lights and light bars available.